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Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy

Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy is a spa for your skin, but with a therapeutic touch. Imagine specialized care that not only makes you feel good, but also works to improve the health of your skin. It's like a relaxing massage that rejuvenates your skin and reduces imperfections. This technique combines the art of well-being with the science of dermatology to offer you a unique experience. Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy experts pamper you with treatments that tone, smooth and revitalize your skin, while addressing specific problems such as cellulite or scars. It is an opportunity to take care of your skin as it deserves, and all in a relaxing and professional environment that will make you feel pampered and radiant.

Post-bariatric surgery (post-morbid obesity)

The patient with excessive body tissue, with some health alteration, is considered obese. Plastic surgery is indicated when these ex¬—obese patients (who have already stabilized their weight) lost many kilos through surgery or naturally and find themselves with alterations due to excess skin on the extremities (thighs, arms), buttocks, trunk, abdomen, chest. , breasts etc.
The incisions depend on the type of surgical treatment to be performed and whether combined surgeries are performed or not. Anesthesia is frequently general; these procedures must be performed in a clinic or hospital. The other recommendations are the same as those for other surgeries in non-ex-obese patients (see abdominoplasty, mammoplasty, etc.)


It is the commercial name of botulinum toxin type A, until now it was impossible to remove those wrinkles, even in people who have had eye, forehead and/or facelift surgeries or other facial treatments; That is to say, BOTOX complements and optimizes the results of classic facial treatments and in young or middle-aged people, with only this technique you can obtain spectacular results. The application is carried out in the office, it is outpatient, it does not require anesthesia since it is little painful and allows you to carry out daily activities normally.